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All You Need Is Love: Treato Finds Most Successful Online Weight Loss Communities Value Community Support Over Strict Adherence

Healthcare Insights Company Identifies Top Online Weight Loss Communities For Those Looking To Stick With Their New Year’s Resolution

With January over and New Year's resolutions dropping like flies, leading consumer healthcare website Treato has announced its first annual list of the top online weight-loss communities to help consumers stick to their weight-loss goals.  This list is part of a new series of online health community rankings from the company.

With 45 million Americans going on a diet each year, according to the Boston Medical Center, weight-loss programs are in high demand.  Through an in-depth data analysis, Treato found that consumers value a weight-loss community that emphasizes emotional support over those with strict weight-loss philosophies.  Only two of the top communities, My Fitness Pal and Low Carb Friends, have strict weight-loss philosophies.  The remaining top communities emphasize emotional support.  Weight Watchers is the community with the strongest personal connections and emotional support among its members. Jenny Craig and 3 Fat Chicks are also supportive communities that believe in various approaches to weight-loss.  Low Carb Friends and 3 Fat Chicks were among the smallest, most tight-knit communities.

Top Treato Online Weight-Loss Communities:


Weight Loss Approach



Good If You’re Looking For

My Fitness Pal

very strong weight-loss philosophy that focuses on a “calories in, calories out” (CICO) approach

this community has more discussions, authors and threads than any other community

this community is less tight-knit and personal than all the other weight-loss communities, probably due to its high volume of users

a community that simplifies weight loss into basic math, easy to use and does not require a lot of interaction with other community members

Weight Watchers

The Beyond the Scale program, a personalized approach to healthier living, including the SmartPoints plan, making healthy eating simple by translating complex nutritional information into one simple number

most personal and emotional community out of all the weight-loss communities

conversations easily go off-topic

a highly inclusive personal community that allows you to form long-lasting relationships with other members

Jenny Craig

their personalized program that includes health coaches and pre-planned meals

smaller tight-knit group than Weight Watchers

members were most open to criticizing the program, particularly their personal coaches

a smaller personalized community and want to discuss weight-loss strategies beyond the Jenny Craig plan

Spark People

jack-of-all-trades approach to weight-loss

members largely focus on keeping each other motivated


each weight-loss thread has a limited amount of member engagement


a community that doesn’t require constant participation to be a member


Health Unlocked

similar to SparkPeople in that it takes a jack-of-all-trades approach to weight-loss

members encourage each other through weigh-ins


limited engagement among members

a community you can participate in through weekly check-ins and challenges

Treato Honorable Mentions Online Weight-Loss Communities:


Weight Loss Approach



Good If You’re Looking For:

3 Fat Chicks

functions largely as a support group and has no dominant weight-loss philosophy

a highly supportive community in which members are frequently seen congratulating each other and reminding each other that the weight-loss process is slow

there isn’t a specific program to follow

a community that is smaller and provides lots of support

Low Carb Friends

a low-carb diet

members are sharing what they are eating and providing weigh-ins with each other everyday

strict about their weight-loss philosophy

connect with other members who are interested in following a strict weight-loss program


no dominant weight-loss philosophy

largely mother-focused community

isn’t very accessible for newcomers as members use lots of pre-existing acronyms; also largely UK-focused

a community to vent with other mothers about the frustrations of weight loss

Net Mums

Similar to MumsNet, there’s no dominant weight-loss philosophy

largely mother-focused community

conversations lack inspirational component found in many other communities; also largely UK-focused

a community to connect with other new moms about the frustrations of losing baby weight

“We want to help consumers navigate the complex web of online weight -loss communities, “ says Ido Hadari, CEO of Treato.  “ By assessing the characteristics of each community we hope to assist those looking to lose weight by identifying the best choice for them based on their personal goals and personality. “

Find out more about Treato’s weight-loss community ranking.


TreatoVoice is a unique data asset that continuously collects and analyzes more than two and a half billion patient and caregiver conversations happening across the Internet in real-time to understand what patients are saying about their experiences with their conditions and treatments.  Within TreatoVoice, we have the ability to rank healthcare communities.

To determine the ranking of the top online weight-loss communities, Treato collected and analyzed posts from more than 3,000 communities. 

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