Treato Finds Purple States Drive Reproductive Health Conversations Online

Presidential Candidates Need To Take Note: New Data Analysis Examines Reproductive Health Conversations Happening In Each State

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 — Reproductive health is a key issue being discussed online in purple states, those with similar levels of support among both political parties, according to a data analysis released today by Treato, a leading healthcare insights company. While solid red states are driving reproductive health law changes at a federal level, the volume of online conversations about reproductive health at the state level is significantly higher in purple states, which may be an indicator that they might soon also be driving federal changes. Virginia, the state with the highest volume of online reproductive health conversations, voted Democratic in the last two presidential elections and has a Democratic governor, yet the Republican Party controls both the senate and house. Alabama, New Mexico, Montana, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, Mississippi, Missouri and Georgia followed Virginia in being the states with the highest volumes of online conversations about reproductive health. Half of the top ten states with the highest volumes of reproductive health conversations happening online have mixed political party leadership, which is surprising given that purple states make up about a third of all U.S. states.

Not surprisingly, women across all states and party lines are talking about reproductive health-related issues more than four times as frequently online than men. Arizona, a Republican state, is the state with the highest ratio of female to male online conversations happening about reproductive health, with women discussing reproductive health 8.6 times more frequently online than men.

“We predict that as the campaign season continues purple states will continue to lead the online reproductive health discussion,” says Ido Hadari, CEO of Treato. “As presidential candidates make federal funding of family planning a central issue to their campaigns and laws concerning access to abortion rights are due for a Supreme Court decision, candidates should be prepared to discuss reproductive health rights not only in traditionally red states when campaigning, but also in purple states.”

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TreatoVoice is a unique data asset that continuously collects and analyzes more than two billion patient and caregiver conversations happening across the Internet to understand what patients are saying about their experiences with their conditions and treatments. Within TreatoVoice, we have the capability to rank volumes of conversations happening geographically.

To determine the volume of reproductive health conversations happening online across the U.S., Treato collected and analyzed more than 41,000 online conversations about reproductive health related topics from January 2013 to October 2015. Rankings were determined by comparing the rate of reproductive health related conservations to all health conversations happening in that state. States political party affiliations were determined by the results of the 2012 U.S. presidential election. 

Allyson Noonan Media Relations Manager at Treato